International Relations

International Relations

FSI researchers strive to understand how countries relate to one another, and what policies are needed to achieve global stability and prosperity. International relations experts focus on the challenging U.S.-Russian relationship, the alliance between the U.S. and Japan and the limitations of America’s counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan.

Foreign aid is also examined by scholars trying to understand whether money earmarked for health improvements reaches those who need it most. And FSI’s Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center has published on the need for strong South Korean leadership in dealing with its ever-threatening northern neighbor.

FSI researchers also look at the citizens who drive international relations, studying the effects of migration and how borders shape people’s lives. Meanwhile FSI students are very much involved in this area, working with the United Nations in Ethiopia to rethink refugee communities.

Trade is also a key component of international relations, with FSI approaching the topic from a slew of angles and states. The economy of trade is rife for study, with an APARC event on the implications of more open trade policies in Japan, and FSI researchers making sense of who would benefit from a free trade zone between the European Union and the United States.

Recent Events

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Knight Hennessy Scholars Information Session

April 12, 2018

Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 05:00 PM until 06:00 PMPeking UniversityAtrium M11Beijing 100871ChinaThis event is intended for students and recent alumni of this university.

President Trump: The Future of US Foreign Policy and America’s Role in the World

March 16, 2018

In this charged political environment, Anja Manuel will attempt to cut through the rhetoric to offer an informed analysis of how President Trump’s policies might affect the United States’...


March 6, 2017

My Journey at the Nuclear Brink is a continuation of William J. Perry's efforts to keep the world safe from a nuclear catastrophe.

The Hoover Institution: Its History, Mission, and Archival Treasures

May 12, 2016

The Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace was founded nearly 100 years ago as the Hoover War Library with a donation by Herbert Hoover, who later said, “This Institution is not, and must...


November 13, 2015

A Lecture-Concert byProfessor Jindong Cai, Music Director and Conductor, Stanford Symphony OrchestraIn collaboration with members of The Peking University Symphony Orchestra NOV 12, 201519:30 – 21...


October 28, 2015

What have China and Japan learned from each other? How has this long interaction shaped the images the two countries have of each other since imperial times to the present? Tracing the different...

Explaining the New Confrontation Between Russia and the West

July 7, 2015

Explaining the New Confrontation Between Russia and the WestPower. Policy.


October 30, 2013

The Chinese government developed over 100 high-tech industrial development zones and over 80 university science parks since the mid-1980s, aimed to support fundraising and growth for innovation....

China, the Party and Its Banks

May 10, 2013

Dr. Walter will discuss the modern evolution of China’s banks and the challenges in transiting to a more open, consumption-based model of economic development.


Gi-Wook Shin Senior Fellow Professor, Sociology
Andrew G. Walder Senior Fellow Professor, Sociology
Michael A. McFaul Senior Fellow Professor, Political Science, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
Jean C. Oi Senior Fellow Professor, Political Science
Lizhi Liu SCPKU Pre-Doctoral Fellow, December 2014-March 2015
Wesley Koo SCPKU Pre-Doctoral Fellow, January-April 2016