Garden Level Facilities

As with the Mezzanine Level which is one level above, the Garden Level offers modern, spacious workspaces and conference rooms plus a large central atrium area which can accommodate audiences up to 120 people. The Garden Level also has a dining area and touchdown space.

  • Lee Shau Kee Grand Hall. Open, two-story atrium area is a flexible space which can be used for keynotes, receptions, dining, or as a break space for conferences. Can be configured for under-the- skylight dining or for auditorium-style presentations. (Capacity 120)
  • Highly Immersive Classroom (HIC).  This room incorporates telepresence technologies to create an immersive video and audio experience so that all participants - both local and remote - feel like they are together in the same room.  Not only do participants seamlessly see and hear the remotely-based presenter, but content sharing is possible via individual video screens within the custom-designed seating arrangement.  (Capacity 26) Click here for further information or to request use of the space.
  • Large conference room. Configurable into theater, classroom, seminar and boardroom seating with four high-definition displays and an adjoining soundproof translator room to facilitate simultaneous interpretation and dual-language presentations in either short or long orientation. A dedicated AV staff is available when special set-up is required. (Capacity 100; Download representative room setups)
  • C.C. So Conference Rooms. Two medium-sized rooms with high-definition displays which can be used independently, as breakout rooms, or opened to create one large room. (Capacity 14 per room, 28 people rooms combined) These room bookings include casual use of the mezzanine level seating areas around the atrium area.
  • Small conference room. Equipped with high-definition display and can be used independently or as breakout room. (Capacity 20) This room booking includes casual use of the mezzanine level seating areas around the atrium area.
  • Café. This large space can be used for sit-down dining, buffet service, or as a caterer prep area. Door panels can be opened to the Lee Shau Kee Grand Hall atrium to expand seating options.
  • Conference Center Package. Includes exclusive use of all Garden Level conference rooms (except the HIC), the Lee Shau Kee Grand Hall atrium area, and the café.
  • All Garden Level conference room reservations include casual use of the Lee Shau Kee Grand Hall atrium area (if not previously booked) for informal discussions. Exclusive use of the Grand Hall can be reserved in advance.


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Photo credit:  Kerun Ip, SCPKU

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