The Center's bilingual staff members are available to assist with important logistical needs and to ensure that the SCPKU experience is productive and enjoyable, even for those who don't speak Chinese.

For on-site event planning, key services provided include:

  • Airport car service and hotel bookings
  • PKU vehicle entrance permits
  • All catering and other dining arrangements
  • Audio-visual (including the availability of Stanford cable service content)
  • Translation services
  • Internet access
  • Printing/copying of presentations and handouts
  • Signage (including guideposts on PKU campus)

For accommodations, Visiting SCPKU provides information on housing options near SCPKU. These arrangements should be handled directly with the service provider although SCPKU's staff can provide general guidance on the best options for your needs.

Also see General China Travel Tips at the bottom of "Visiting SCPKU" for information on how to optimize your visit.

Please use the online reservation request form if you are interested in booking facilities at SCPKU.


Photo credit: SCPKU

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