Saturday, July 2, 2016
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Stanford Center at Peking University 

Langrun Yuan, Peking University


Stanford University’s Center for East Asian Studies presents “China Arts Forum” at the Stanford Center on July 2, 2016.  The event will explore contemporary arts development in China and feature three visual artists and one performing artist, all of them women. Each artist will introduce her creative process and unique approach to her art form. This will be followed by a panel discussion focusing on contemporary arts and society in China.  The renowned pipa player Zhao Cong will showcase her newly created works to conclude the event.


Widely recognized as a global economic juggernaut and nascent political power, China is on the cusp of becoming a major cultural power.  In the arts field over the past two decades, cities across China have built state-of-the art museums, opera houses, and concert halls to both foster and showcase their cultural heritage. Arts education is increasingly popular.  Many inspirational artists are now the toast of the international art world and “Chinese Contemporary" is one of the most rapidly appreciating segments of the global art market.


The Stanford Arts Forum will be hosted by Professor Jindong Cai from Stanford’s Center for East Asian Studies. It is hoped that this forum will become a platform for exploring visual and performing arts in America and China, and for creating a vibrant dialogue on arts and culture.


The event will begin with three vibrant visual artists who will share the podium to discuss their works and views.  Jiang Jie is an artist and professor at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts.  She will focus on three of her works in order to explore how an artistic creation can continue to change and evolve.  Cui Xiuwen has just opened a multi-media exhibition in Peking University called “Light.”  Using sculptures, videos, animation and one painting, she will discuss her exhibition and share the view on her approach to light through body, heart, soul, and fate.  Chen Man is one of the most celebrated photographers in China and her topic is “the philosophy of images.”  Jinqing Cai, chairman of Christies’ China, will moderate the panel discussion following each individual’s presentation. Ms. Cai also will give her view of China contemporary arts. 


The renowned pipa player Zhao Cong was a visiting artist/scholar at Stanford University in 2014.  She is a strong advocate for creating new music to combine Chinese tradition with the world of contemporary music. She will demonstrate and perform some of her new pieces that merge east and west on the ancient instrument. 


This event has been organized especially for Stanford alumni in Beijing, but is also open to the general public.

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