Video showcases SCPKU's Highly Immersive Classroom enabling co-teaching across the Pacific

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In Spring 2016, Stanford's U.S.-Asia Security Initiative launched an innovative new graduate-level course - "The United States, China, and Global Security" - a class taught simultaneously at Stanford University and SCPKU on Peking University's (PKU) Beijing campus using a high definition video teleconference facility called the Highly Immersive Classroom.  The course featured topics relevant to current U.S.-China relations and their respective roles in regional and global security.  This video provides course highlights and features commentary from the two lead instructors - Karl Eikenberry, the former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan and Director of Stanford's U.S.-Asia Security Initiative, and Professor and Assistant Dean of PKU's School of International Studies, Fan Shiming.


Karl Eikenberry, Stanford's U.S.-Asia Security Initiative Director,
and SCPKU Director Jean Oi lead a session from the Stanford campus.
Photo credit:  Courtesy of Stanford University