SCPKU announces new fellows and graduate seminars

The Stanford Center at Peking University announced its newest faculty and pre-doctoral fellows and graduate seminars from the latest January application round.  
Team Innovation Faculty Fellows:
  • Randall Stafford - Professor, Stanford Prevention Research Center, June-July 2016
  • Judith Prochaska - Associate Professor, Stanford Prevention Research Center, June-July 2016
  • Michael Baiocchi - Assistant Professor, Stanford Prevention Research Center, June-July 2016

See SCPKU Team Innovation Faculty Fellowship Program and SCPKU Team Innovation Faculty Fellows for more program details.

Faculty Fellows:
  • Karen Eggleston - Senior Fellow, Shorenstein APARC/FSI, June and August 2016
  • Olivier Gevaert - Assistant Professor, Biomedical Informatics, August-September 2016
  • Jianghong Rao - Associate Professor, Radiology, June 2016

Pre-Doctoral Fellows:
  • Rick Fenrich - Aeronautics and Astronautics, July-August 2016
  • Colleen Shang - Materials Science and Engineering, July-August 2016
  • Shiran Shen - Political Science, June-August 2016
  • Renren Yang - Comparative Literature, August-November 2016

See SCPKU Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Program and SCPKU Pre-Doctoral Fellows for more program details.

Graduate Seminars:

Title: "Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in China: A Multi-disciplinary and Cross-national Approach"
Dates: June 13-July 1, 2016
Instructors: Professors Randall Stafford, Judith Prochaska, and Michael Baiocchi - Stanford Prevention Research Center

Title: "Designing Solutions to Global Grand Challenges"
Dates: July 18-August 12, 2016
Instructors: Professors James Landay (Computer Science) and Ge Wang (Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics)

Title: "SCPKU Digital Health Innovation"
Dates: August 14-26, 2016
Instructor: Professor Robert Chang, Ophthalmology

Title:  "Visions of the World in Modern Chinese Thought and Culture"
Dates:  June 19-July 7, 2017
Instructor:  Professor Ban Wang, East Asian Languages and Cultures