Faculty & Researchers

Core Faculty and Researchers

Paul Brest

paul brest headshot

Professor, Law, Emeritus

Glenn R. Carroll

glenn carroll headshot

Professor, Organizations

Pamela Hinds

hinds headshot

Associate Professor, Management Science and Engineering

James O. Leckie

leckie headshot

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Walter W. Powell


Professor, Education

Ramon Saldivar

ramon saldivarheadshot

Professor, English

Gi-Wook Shin

Photo of Gi-Wook Shin

Senior Fellow
Professor, Sociology

Samuel So

sam so headshot

Professor, Medicine


Michael Baiocchi

mike baiocchi

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Stanford Prevention Research Center

Lisa Blaydes

lisa bllaydes headshot

Associate Professor of Political Science

Scott Ceresnak


Associate Professor, Pediatrics-Cardiology

Robert Chang


Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology

John P. Cooke

cooke headshot

Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine, Emeritus

Gary Darmstadt

gary darmstadt headshot

Professor, Neonatal and Developmental Pediatrics

Charles Eesley

eesley headshot

Assistant Professor, Management Science and Engineering

Gerald Fuller


Fletcher Jones Professor in the School of Engineering

Olivier Gevaert

olivier gevaert

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Aaron Gitler


Associate Professor, Genetics

Yang Hu

yang hu headshot

Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology

Szu-Chi Huang

szu chi huang headshot

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Andrei Iagaru

iagaru headshot

Assistant Professor, Radiology

Chao-Lin Kuo

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Associate Professor, Physics

Tze Lai

tze lai headshot

Professor, Statistics
Professor (By courtesy), Biomedical Data Science

James Landay

james landay

Professor, Computer Science

Maarten G. Lansberg

lansberg headshot

Assistant Professor, Neurology
Assistant Professor, by courtesy, Neurosurgery

Anna Lembke

anna lembke headshot

Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Michael Lepech

lepech headshot

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Jin Billy Li

jin billy li headshot

Assistant Professor, Genetics

Bruce Ling


Assistant Professor, Pediatric Surgery

Ying Lu

ying lu headshot

Professor, Biomedical Data Science
Professor, Radiology-Nuclear Medicine

Doff McElhinney


Professor - Cardiothoracic Surgery and Pediatrics

Michael A. McFaul

2022 Michael McFaul Headshot

Senior Fellow
Professor, Political Science
Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution

Josef Parvizi

josef parvizi headshot

Associate Professor, Neurology

Judith Prochaska

judith prochaska

Associate Professor of Medicine, Stanford Prevention Research Center

Jianghong Rao

rao jianghong headshot

Associate Professor, Radiology
Associate Professor, by courtesy, Chemistry

Hua Shan

hua shan headshot

Professor, Pathology

Thomas Sheehan

thomas sheehan headshot

Professor, Religious Studies
Professor, by courtesy, German Studies
Professor, by courtesy, Philosophy

Matthew Sommer

matthew sommer headshot

Associate Professor, History

Randall Stafford

stafford headshot

Professor, Medicine

Chao Fen Sun

chao fen sun headshot

Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Professor, by courtesy, Linguistics

Hua Tang

hua tang headshot

Associate Professor, Genetics
Associate Professor, by courtesy, Statistics

Lu Tian

lu tian headshot

Associate Professor, Biomedical Data Science
Associate Professor (By courtesy), Statistics

Richard Vinograd

vinograd headshot

Professor, Art and Art History

Virginia Walbot

walbot headshot

Professor, Biology

Andrew G. Walder

Andrew G. Walder

Senior Fellow
Professor, Sociology

Ban Wang

ban wang

Professor, Asian Languages and Comparative Literature

Shan X. Wang

sxwang headshot

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Professor, Electrical Engineering
Professor, by courtesy, Radiology

Ge Wang

ge wang headshot 2

Assistant Professor, Music
Assistant Professor, by courtesy, Computer Science

Xiaoze Xie

xiaoze xie headshot

Professor, Art and Art History

Xueguang Zhou

Photo of Xueguang Zhou

Senior Fellow
Professor, Sociology