FSI researchers work to understand continuity and change in societies as they confront their problems and opportunities. This includes the implications of migration and human trafficking. What happens to a society when young girls exit the sex trade? How do groups moving between locations impact societies, economies, self-identity and citizenship? What are the ethnic challenges faced by an increasingly diverse European Union? From a policy perspective, scholars also work to investigate the consequences of security-related measures for society and its values.

The Europe Center reflects much of FSI’s agenda of investigating societies, serving as a forum for experts to research the cultures, religions and people of Europe. The Center sponsors several seminars and lectures, as well as visiting scholars.

Societal research also addresses issues of demography and aging, such as the social and economic challenges of providing health care for an aging population. How do older adults make decisions, and what societal tools need to be in place to ensure the resulting decisions are well-informed? FSI regularly brings in international scholars to look at these issues. They discuss how adults care for their older parents in rural China as well as the economic aspects of aging populations in China and India.


SCPKU announces its newest fellows

March 2019

The Stanford Center at Peking University announced its newest faculty and pre-doctoral fellows from January 2019 application round.

China Studies in Beijing Program: Students Travel to Shandong Province

December 2018

As Stanford’s fall quarter draws to a close, the first cohort of students who are participating in Freeman Spogli Institute’s (FSI) inaugural overseas program in Beijing embarked on their final...

A Lecture on the History of Native Americans at SCPKU

December 2018

The lecture started with George Sword and described the “colonizing process” from a free life to one of constant negotiation with the federal government and the pressures on the Native Americans to...


Research on Primary Care and health Aging in China and India

June 28, 2019

AbstractsHealthy Aging in Asia book.  Comparative Diabetics project, China and IndiaKaren Eggleston, Stanford UniversityHow are health systems in Asia promoting evidence-based policies for healthy...

Heidegger Translations and their Meaning for Philosophy

June 27, 2019

Peking University / Stanford UniversityVideo ConferenceHeidegger Translations and their Meaning for Philosophy海德格尔翻译中的哲学问题[Philosophical problems in translating Heidegger] Sponsors:        ...

Forum on Regulatory Science and Biomedical Innovations —Real-World Evidence in Biomedical Product Development and Regulatory Science

May 9, 2019

斯坦福大学创新设计研究中心将于 2019 年 6 月 6 日至 8 日在北京大学斯坦福中心 (Stanford Center at Peking University)举办“监管科学与生物医学创新论坛”。


Portrait of Prof. Andrew Walder Andrew G. Walder Senior Fellow Professor, Sociology
Michael A. McFaul Senior Fellow Professor, Political Science, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
Portrait of Gi-Wook Shin Gi-Wook Shin Senior Fellow Professor, Sociology
Wesley B. Chaney SCPKU Pre-Doctoral Fellow, June 2013 - March 2014
Gary Zhao SCPKU Pre-Doctoral Fellow, December 2015-March 2016
Tricia Owlett SCPKU Pre-Doctoral Fellow, February-June 2016