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Panel Discussion on the Future of International Higher Education in China

February 2021

On December 26th, a group of American university center directors gathered at the Yale Beijing Center to discuss the future of international higher education in China. Josh Cheng, SCPKU Executive...

China-US Education Prospects, Where Is the Current Road to Studying Abroad?

February 2021

On January 26, Tang Ning Reception Hall hosted a discussion on "China-US Education Prospects, Where Is the Current Road to Studying Abroad." The event was simultaneously webcasted on...

A unique Fall quarter for Stanford students in China

January 2021

On behalf of Stanford Center at Peking University, a year-end holiday gathering welcomed both undergrad and graduate students enrolled at Stanford. They had to spend their fall quarter in China due...

Bringing technical expertise to policy debates

July 2020

Profile of a CISAC Fellow: Jason Reinhardt, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories

Stanford Ph.D. Alumnus Wins BRICS Economic Research Award

July 2020

Dr. Adam Yao Liu, a former doctoral student of APARC China Program Director Jean Oi, has been awarded the 2020 BRICS Economic Research Award for his research on how banking systems in China are...

Restarting Business in China After COVID-19: New Article in 'The Diplomat' Highlights Results from China Program Survey

July 2020

The survey reveals mixed progress in reopening different sectors of China's economy, but also shows that many business leaders in China are planning for some level of decoupling as access to...

Former Doctoral Students Win Prestigious Dissertation Awards

June 2020

Interdisciplinary environmental scholar Shiran Victoria Shen is the recipient of the Harold D. Lasswell Award and political economist Lizhi Liu is the recipient of the Ronald H. Coase Award in...

Experts Gather to Share Findings, Brainstorm Approaches and Spur Further Research on China’s Belt and Road Initiative

March 2020

The coronavirus has upended long planned events at the Stanford Center at Peking University (SCPKU) this winter, including a workshop on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) that had been planned...

The 6th meeting in the series of Nuclear Risk Reduction Project workshops

November 2019

On October 20-22, the Stanford Center at Peking University hosted the 6th meeting in the series of Nuclear Risk Reduction Project workshops organized by Stanford University and China Arms Control...

Celebration of 100th Anniversary of Yenching University and Ribbon Cutting for the John Leighton Stuart Room

October 2019

Distinguished alumni, their relatives, and friends gathered at SCPKU on October 8, 2019 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Yenching University, which until 1952 operated on the current site of...

Workshop on Sleep Regulation and Circadian Rhythms

September 2019

Professor Luis de Lecea, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (Major Laboratories and Clinical and Translational Neurosciences Incubator), an SCPKU Faculty Fellow, organized a workshop...

Beyond the Great Wall: Embracing Rheology and China

September 2019

In my mind, the Great Wall of China is an unprecedented feat of engineering that symbolizes an epic transformation - a structure that once was meant to keep people out, now welcomes millions into...

SCPKU Announces Newest Fellows and Graduate Seminar

September 2019

The Stanford Center at Peking University announced its newest pre-doctoral fellows and graduate seminar from July 2019 application round. SCPKU Announces Newest Fellows and Graduate Seminar Pre...

What to eat in Beijing if you can't handle the heat

August 2019

This summer I was very fortunate to be able to spend three weeks at the Stanford Center at Peking University (Běidà) for a short course on rheology.

The 3rd Forum on Regulatory Science and Biomedical Innovations

July 2019

The 3rd Forum on Regulatory Science and Biomedical Innovations was successfully held on June 7-8th, 2019, at the Stanford Center at Peking University.Initiated and organized by the Stanford Center...

SCPKU Summer Seminar: Chinese Corporations: A Case Study Workshop

June 2019

The SCPKU summer workshop, "Chinese Corporations: A Case Study Workshop" led by Prof. Andrew Walder (Stanford) and Prof. Zheng Lu (Tsinghua) convened in Beijing on June 17th,  2019.

PKUHSC Delegation Visited Stanford

May 2019

PKUHSC (Peking University Health Science Center) delegation, headed by Prof.

SCPKU announces its newest fellows

March 2019

The Stanford Center at Peking University announced its newest faculty and pre-doctoral fellows from January 2019 application round.

China Studies in Beijing Program: Students Travel to Shandong Province

December 2018

As Stanford’s fall quarter draws to a close, the first cohort of students who are participating in Freeman Spogli Institute’s (FSI) inaugural overseas program in Beijing embarked on their final...


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