SCPKU Graduate Seminar Program

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SCPKU Graduate Seminar Program

Accepting Applications


The Stanford Center at Peking University (SCPKU) offers Stanford faculty from any school or discipline an opportunity to lead a three-week graduate seminar in Beijing. Faculty decide the topic and make the final selection of student participants. Chinese university students will be invited to join the seminar to create a true cross-cultural learning experience. Stanford students will be limited to a total of 16; funding for one Stanford teaching assistant will be provided to support each seminar.

Eligible Stanford faculty (Academic Council members, Medical Center Line faculty, and Active Emeriti) are invited to submit seminar proposals at any time. Please make clear how teaching the course in China adds to the class content. Fieldwork and research methods seminars are encouraged.

For Faculty: Leading an SCPKU Graduate Seminar

For Students: How to apply

SCPKU Seminar Schedule


SCPKU is Stanford’s headquarters for faculty and students engaged in research, teaching, training and outreach activities in China. The Center is located on the PKU campus in the Haidian District of Beijing, which is known for its rich intellectual community, including top universities, research academies and government agencies. The 3400-square-meter center is designed as a resource for the entire Stanford community, providing collaborative spaces and offices as well as support services to facilitate the work of scholars and programs. SCPKU is a focal point for building academic and educational networks throughout East Asia, bringing together established researchers and a new generation of young scholars to create a vibrant and dynamic hub of intellectual exchange and collaboration.

For More Information

Contact Leigh Wang for more information about SCPKU's Graduate Seminar Program and other programs and events at the center.