SCPKU Programs

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SCPKU Programs

About our core programs

The Center encompasses many thriving, regional and thematic programs that advance our research agenda and support our mission. Reflecting Stanford’s culture of interdisciplinary studies, our programs promote both academic and policy-relevant scholarship, support teaching, and strengthen collaboration with Chinese counterparts.

China Studies in Beijing

Fall quarter program at the Stanford Center at Peking University

Shangdong trip

Faculty Fellowship Program

SCPKU offers fellowships to Stanford faculty engaged in research in China, or who want to explore new opportunities or collaborations.

Team Innovation Faculty Fellowship Program

SCPKU offers team-based fellowships to Stanford faculty to spark creative, multi-disciplinary approaches to research in China focused on topics of key interest to Stanford, the U.S. and China.
Grad Sem

Pre-doctoral Fellowship Program

SCPKU provides Stanford doctoral students with a home base to advance their dissertation research in China.
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Graduate Seminar Program

SCPKU offers Stanford faculty from any school or discipline an opportunity to lead a three-week graduate seminar in Beijing. Faculty decide the topic and make the final selection of student participants.

Anchor Programs

Stanford organizations anticipating a sustained presence in China are encouraged to contact the SCPKU team to discuss the wide range of opportunities and benefits available in establishing an SCPKU Anchor Program.
Conference Room

Stanford - PKU Joint Courses

Like other nations, China and the United States must address a number of complex and consequential transnational challenges. None of these challenges can be managed by China or the United States alone and none can be managed successfully with at least some level of US-China cooperation.