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Allison Rhines

  • SCPKU Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Fall 2014


Allison Rhines received her PhD in Biology in 2015 with a research focus in mathematical modeling of infectious disease dynamics and control.  As an undergraduate at Stanford, her honors thesis on demographic change in China focused on rural-to-urban migration, and its impact on ideas and behaviors of preference for male children in the context of the One Child Policy; for this work, she conducted interviews with rural migrants in Mandarin in Xi'an, China.  Pursuing her master's as a Gates Scholar at the University of Cambridge, she used statistical models to relationship between demography and infectious disease.  Her PhD research at Stanford furthered her interests in the relationship between population sturcture and infectious disease dynamics.  At SCPKU, she collaborated with scholars at Peking University Health Sciences Center to study drug resistance in TB cases in Shenzhen.  Following completion of her PhD, she hopes to continue to pursue her focus in infectious disease control, with a particular interest in China.